BC44.91 – George Hrab Album – Trebuchet

Perennial New Media favorite and professional musician, George Hrab has a new album out. He has graciously allowed us to release Trebuchet to you for free. WHAT?!?! Is he crazy? No, not at all. Well, maybe. He hopes you like … Continued

Balticon 43 Extra – The Geologic Podcast: Episode #117

Audio posted by George Hrab for his Geologic Podcast. Quoting the original show notes: The Show itself: L.Ron is in my sack Intro Dr. Manhattan’s Dick Mortimer calls in again once more again and also once more This Week’s Horror … Continued

Balticon Podcast Extra – ‘Ya Famous? by George Hrab

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The wonderful and talented George Hrab plays his song, ‘Ya Famous? at Balticon 42 Opening Ceremonies. Our apologies to George. The recording started a few seconds into the song. The missing lyrics: