BC43.86S – Scott Sigler GoH Speech

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Scott Sigler’s Special Guest of Honor speech, The Changing Face of Content Delivery. As recorded at Balticon 43.

Balticon 43 Extra – But Honey, It’s For The Studio

Audio posted by Chooch Schubert for his Random Acts of Chooch Podcast. Quoting the original show notes: This is the audio from a panel I spoke on at Balticon 43 over Memorial Day weekend. A special thanks to my fellow … Continued

Balticon 43 Extra – Episode #78 – “Galactica Quorum Live at Balticon 2009”

Audio posted by Michele White for her Galactica Quorum Podcast. Quoting the original show notes: This is our live panel discussion at Balticon 2009. We’re joined by best-selling horror/scifi author Scott Sigler to discuss the BSG finale and gauge people’s reactions to … Continued

BC43.82 – Scott Sigler Interview Part 1

We sit down with Balticon 43 Special Guest of Honor, Scott Sigler, to talk about writing, new media, science, and so much more. Promo: I Should Be Writing Promo: Prometheus Radio Theater Promo: Heat Flash Music: Perfect Day to Die … Continued

Announcements – Slusher, Evo, and a Sigler Metal Promo

Stoked for Balticon 43 yet? No? Where have you been?  Not only do we have Scott Sigler as a Guest of Honor. But now we’re pleased to announce the addition of two more of Podcasting’s greats to the Balticon 43 … Continued